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Getting started

Get started using routty, this page will give you a tour of the basic functionality to get you going.

Routty for users and administrators

First of all, you will need to decide how you are going to use Routty. Will you be setting up the platform, for other people to use? Or has the platform already been set up for you and do you want to get going with your documents as quickly as possible?

If you want to configure Routty as an administrator, navigate to Configuration.
If you are a user without admin permissions, navigate to Using Routty.

Configuring Routty

User management

First of all, you probably want to create some users that can access Routty.

  • Create different Roles for the different types of users you want in Routty

  • After creating the roles, you can can create new users and assign them to one of the roles you just created

  • You can assign these users to groups for easier management if you so choose

  • If you want to restrict their access to certain documents, you can do that using the Access rights

Document management

After allowing some users to access Routty, you want customize Routty to meet your business needs.

  • Make sure the Workflow settings are set up correctly for your business

  • Create some rules to assign the users you have configured in user management to the documents they are responsible for, using the Assignment rules.

  • If you feel confident with the basic functionalities of Routty, try and automate your business flow even further, using the automation rules

Using Routty

Congratulations on using Routty!

  • If this is your first time using Routty, you will probably have to accept our Privacy policy

  • After accepting the policy you have full access to Routty (or at least the modules you have permissions for)

  • Start by verifying and customizing your personal Settings, such as your language

  • The next step could be to check if you have any items on your personal To-do list on the dashboard

    • These items could include any messages in your personal Inbox

    • Or documents you are responsible for in the Documents tab

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