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Release 21.04

Routty version 21.04 has been released on and contains the following improvements:

New features

  • Improved security on potential vulnerabilities

  • Templates can now be created and used in the Create page in order to reuse frequently used data

  • Fields such as suppliers and articles can now be selected using a separate modal. This allows you to search and filter all fields related to this supplier or article and select the correct item. All related fields will be updated automatically.

Improvements on existing features

  • The engine handling the business processes, visible in the Documents pages has been reworked to be more performant for large volumes

  • The audits on documents in the Monitoring have been reviewed to better indicate the origin of the audit.

  • Horizontal scrolling is now always available, not only on the bottom of the table

  • Line actions such as copy and delete now hover over the line, so no scrolling is required to use them

  • Triggering a validation task using the Automation rules is now more intuitive

  • An additional method to securely access documents from an external system has been added, see Setting up external access to documents


  • Routty scrollbar was not supported in Firefox

  • Updated values in any of the Documents screens did not update immediately in the list view on the same page

  • Some visual glitches have been resolved

  • Deleting the last record on a page resulted in the unexpected change of the page the user was on

  • The unit of measurement in the Matching page was not always visualized correctly

  • A supplier containing “ in his name resulted in issues while archiving

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