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This page provides an interface to create and delete substitutions. Substitutions are used to hand over tasks on documents for a certain period of time to another user with at least the same workflow rights as you.

  1. Create a new substitution

    • START DATE The date when the substitution is applied

    • END DATE The date when the substitution is no longer valid

    • USER The person who hands over his tasks

    • SUBSTITUTE The person who takes over the user’s tasks

  2. Set and use custom filters

  3. The list where all the substitutions are displayed

    • APPROVED indicates if a substitution is valid or not

      • If not valid, an admin user has to take action by approving the substitution

Good to know

  • Users with admin rights can create substitutions between registered Routty users. This substitution is valid directly after creation.

  • Users with admin rights are able to delete any substitution.

  • A user with normal rights can only request a substitution that will take over his tasks. This substitution is valid when a user with admin rights gives their approval.
    The admin user will get a notification in the to-do list on his dashboard when there are substitutions awaiting approval.

  • Users with normal rights are able to delete their own substitutions.

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