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Release 24.01

Routty version 24.01 has been released on and contains the following improvements.

New features

  • We now support multitenancy, allowing multiple customers to share physical resources while still maintaining their own separate environment

  • Routty has been rebranded to the new house style

Improvements on existing features

  • Assignment rules can now be created with the same priority

  • Only relevant settings are displayed on the Settings page

  • You can now control which fields you want to see on all Documents pages

  • Usernames no longer require to be formatted like an email address

  • Several security concerns have been addressed

  • Users can now reset their own password on the login page


  • Several visual inconsistencies have been addressed

  • It is no longer possible to delete your own user

  • In some cases, the partner info was not populated in the info modal on the Monitoring screen

  • The Accounting workflow got stuck in some specific cases and had to be manually restarted

  • Underscores were not allowed in the names of Assignment rules, Automation rules, and Access rights

  • Assignees in the Assignment rules are now correctly limited to 8 assignees per rule

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