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PDF document flow through Routty

This tutorial will explain how a document behaves in Routty when it needs to be processed by the Routty smart capture module.

This tutorial is only relevant when the Routty smart capture module is activated and you have the necessary Permissions to access these documents.


  1. A pdf can be imported in Routty through any of the channels that were set up (e.g. mail, sftp)

  2. When Routty detects that a PDF needs to be captured before further processing, the document receives status CAPTURE, this can be observed in the Monitoring page.

  3. Documents with status CAPTURE are then processed by the smart capture engine and automatically processed when possible.

  4. When documents are automatically recognized, the document will receive status READY TO SEND and continue processing as electronic invoices would

  5. When the document is not (completely) automatically recognized, the document will receive status VERIFY and will need to be manually verified in the Capture Verification screen

  6. After the document has been accepted in the Capture Verification screen, the document will receive READY TO SEND and continues processing as usual

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