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Capture Verification

The capture page allows you to manually verify documents that failed to capture 100% automatically.

  1. Set and use custom filters

  2. Overview area of all documents in the ‘Verify’ step that are assigned to you for further verification.
    When a document is clicked, the editing area for this document opens.

Verification details_Routty-AP.jpg
  1. When the editing area is open, the document list is minimized, go back the previous screen by using the FULL VIEW button.

  2. The CAPTURE tab shows all information about the document and provides and tools you need to verify the document.

  3. The LOGS tab displays all audits for this document, the same audits are also present in the Monitoring screen

  4. In the COMMENTS tab, you can search and view all comments that have been made by users in Routty on this document

  5. The CONVERSATIONS tab displays all conversations related to this document, see Conversations for more information

  6. The ATTACHMENTS tab displays the attachment of the document, including the .PDF and if the document was sent by email, the .eml is also present.

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