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Allow users to access documents

How do I configure Routty to display the correct documents for the correct users? Find out below!

You will need access to Roles, Access rights and potentially Assignment rules


You are able to configure access in Routty on a number of locations. Each with its specific goal and use.

  • First of all, you can show and hide different pages in Routty for each user using the Roles screen.

    • E.g. user Alice should be able to process her documents on the accounting page but is not allowed to view any archived documents.
      User Bob is no accountant but he should be able to look up archived documents in the archive page.
      You can create two separate roles for these users and assign them accordingly, for example an Accountant and an Archive role. The assignment of these roles happens on the User administration page.

  • Secondly, on every page where documents are displayed, such as the monitoring and accounting pages, you can allow and deny users access to specific documents on that page. For this, you use the Access rights.

    • This feature can for example be used to restrict access to documents for a specific company or partner.

    • An in-depth explanation and more examples can be found on How to use the access rights

  • Finally, users can process specific documents on any of the Documents pages

    • By default, each document on these pages is assigned to a specific user or group.

    • These pages are personalized, a user can only see documents he is responsible for and thus assigned to. (Or assigned to a group they are part of)

    • The assignee for each document is determined by the Assignment rules

    • E.g. Users Alice and Carol both have the role Accountant and are thus able to open the accounting page. The access rights have been configured to allow Alice and Carol to access any document addressed to company Routty NV. Alice is however assigned to all documents originating from supplier A, whereas Carol is responsible to process any document sent by supplier B.
      Alice will see all invoices from supplier A to Routty NV, Carol will be able to process any document sent by supplier B to Routty NV.
      Both can see all documents addressed to Routty NV in other pages in Routty.

Even though the assignee of a document is determined by the Assignment rules, the Access rights are still applicable! A user should have both access to a document and be the assigned user for that document to view and process it in any of the Documents screens.

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