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Workflow admin

The workflow admin page shows an overview of all documents in all steps of the workflow and for all statuses and assignees for the Routty Accounts Payable flow. This page is to be used a monitoring page to make sure all documents in the flow are following business rules.

  1. Set and use custom filters

  2. Overview area of all documents in any step, assigned to anyone for further processing. When a document is clicked, the editing area for this document opens.

  3. Current step of the document in the business process

  1. When the editing area is open, the document list is minimized, go back the previous screen by using the FULL VIEW button.

  2. A number of actions can be taken on each document, these may differ based on the business process that has been set up for your Routty installation. In general, the following actions will occur:

    • ACCEPT Accept the current step for this document and send it to the next step in the business process

    • REJECT Reject the current step for this document and send it back to the previous step in the business process

    • RESTART Restart the business process in its entirety, to retrigger all machine processing

    • START CONVERSATION Start a new conversation about this document, see Starting a new conversation

    • REQUEST CREDITNOTE Send out external communication about this invoice, the default functionality is to request a credit note, but this can be customized. See Request a credit note for more information

    • COMMENT Add a new comment to this invoice, visible for all users

  3. The VIEWER tab shows the attached pdf image of the invoice embedded in your screen

  4. The HEADER tab allows you to edit and view all fields present on the header of the invoice

  5. In the LINES tab you can edit, view and create invoice lines for this document, you can also open the manual pairing interface

  6. In the CODING LINES tab you can edit, view and create coding lines for this document

  7. The CODING TEMPLATES you can use to copy frequently used coding lines to this invoice

  8. The EXCEPTIONS tab shows all matching exceptions that occurred on this invoice

  9. The INTRASTAT tab is used to create intrastat lines for your booking proposal

  10. The VALIDATIONS tab allows you to view and handle all executed validations, see How to handle validations for more information about this topic

  11. The LOGS tab displays all audits for this document, the same audits are also present in the Monitoring screen

  12. In the COMMENTS tab, you can search and view all comments that have been made by users in Routty on this document

  13. The CONVERSATIONS tab displays all conversations related to this document, see Conversations for more information

  14. The ATTACHMENTS tab displays all physical documents attached to this document, with the option to view and download them

  15. The ASSIGNEES tab allows you to review and change currently assigned users on this document

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