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The monitoring screen gives an overview of all documents that are being processed inside Routty, it is possible to search in the monitoring screen and perform actions on documents.

The overview includes some basic information, the status of the document and the possibility to drill down into the details of the audit trail for specific documents.

The monitoring screen is used for reporting purposes, to follow up the status of documents and to find more detailed information about a specific document.

  1. To only view certain document types, select them in the dropdown

  2. Navigate to advanced mode.
    Advanced mode displays all channels separately instead of grouped by document.
    This allows you to filter, search and execute batch actions on specific channels

  3. All available actions to do on this overview

    • Export: export the current filtered documents as a pdf, xml or csv file

    • Search: search all columns with a single command

    • Refresh: refresh the data in the table

    • Filters: see Set and use custom filters

  4. Header, can be used to search and filter on specific columns, see Set and use custom filters

  5. Detailed information on specific channels for this document, can be reached by clicking on a (document) line in the list view

  6. Document actions, these actions are active on specific documents

    • INFO : open the info screen, containing detailed audits, the attachments and possible conversations regarding this document

    • PLAY : restart a document (only for AR flows)

    • PAUSE : pause a document, allowing it to be restarted later

    • CANCEL : cancel a document, ending its processing flow

    • URGENT TO SEND : process a document now, overruling run times or delays that may be configured

  7. Statuses, informing you about the current status of the document

    • PROCESSING : the document is being processed and has not yet reached the end of its flow

    • ERROR : something went wrong during processing of the document, more information can be found in the audit trail, which can be reached by clicking the info button for this document

    • INTERRUPTED : a user action has caused the processing of this document to be interrupted. e.g. reject, cancel, pause

    • SUCCESS : the processing has finished successfully, without any issues

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