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This page contains an overview of all conversations you’re involved in.

On the left side, an overview of all conversations is presented. It is possible to:

  • open a conversation (and display all messages in this conversation on the right) (1)

  • flag a conversation (when deemed important, or when follow-up is needed) (2)

  • archive a conversation (when you no longer need to see the conversation in this view) (3)

  • change the read/unread status of a conversation (4)

  • filter in conversations (5) This filter will search for a word in a conversation, only show unread e-mails or will only show flagged conversations
    These functionalities are further discussed in Consult your inbox.

On the right side, an overview of all messages within a conversation is shown with the following options:

  • go straight to your document, wherever it may be in the flow (7)

  • open the linked document in a pdf viewer (8)

  • invite new users to participate in this conversation (9)

  • hover over a message to see the timestamp when this message was sent/received (10)

  • type in a new message (11)

  • send the message (12)

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