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Audit trail

This page contains a detailed history of all manual actions taken in the Routty platform. This trail allows you to find the cause of potential issues and helps you to better understand why some events occurred.

  1. Selection area

    • AUDIT TRAIL Shows all the actions a user made after logging in to Routty

    • LOGIN ATTEMPTS Show all login attempts to the portal, both successful and unsuccessful

  2. Set and use custom filters

  3. Table view of all audits

    • TIMESTAMP The exact date and time of the audit

    • USERNAME The Routty username of the user who triggered the action

    • ACTION The specific action the user triggered

    • FIELD The field that was impacted by the action

    • SECTION The page where the field that was impacted can be found

    • DESCRIPTION A human readable description about the event that triggered the audit

  1. Table view of all login attempts

    • TIMESTAMP The exact date and time of the login attempt

    • USERNAME The username that was used in the login attempt

    • IP ADDRESS The IP address from where the login attempt originated

    • MESSAGE A message describing the outcome of the login attempt

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