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User interface overview

This tutorial explains all the features of the Routty Smart Capture module

You will need normal or admin permission on Capture

User interface overview

  1. Clicking on the full view button will show the entire list of documents to be verified by the user.
    This will close the right (detail) section of the screen.

  2. Navigate the different views of the selected document:

    • Capture (default)

    • Logs

    • Comments

    • Conversations

  3. Indexer is a collection of all fields that can be captured for the given document type.
    Usage of the indexer will be explained in the “How to learn new fields” tutorial

  4. The refresh button will relaunch the extraction of the fields for the selected document

  5. Navigate through the pages one by one

  6. An overview of the errors and warnings. Errors should be resolved before the Accept button becomes available/clickable

  7. Action buttons

    • Accept: will accept the document and will then go to the next step in the process

    • Cancel: will cancel the document

  8. Hides the list of documents on the navigation (left) side

  9. Shows the pages of the selected document for easier navigation:

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