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Consult your inbox

The inbox shows you an overview of all your conversations and allows for management of these conversations.


  • By clicking on the message icon in the upper right corner of a screen, you’ll see the last messages you received displayed below

  • If you received a new message, it will be visible as an unread message in your inbox and the message icon displays the number of unread messages

  • The inbox itself will show all read and unread conversations

  • It is possible to put conversations back to unread by clicking on the checkmark of a conversation

    1. Read conversations have a green checkmark while unread conversations have a black one

  • Every conversation has a timestamp (this is the date when the last message in this conversation was received)

  • Click on the document number on the top left of the conversation to be redirected to the document in the current workflow step

  • To reply to a conversation enter the text in the input box and press the send button

  • It is possible to search on the conversation and the content of the last message by using the search function

  • To filter on unread conversations tick the checkbox of the message icon

  • If only flagged conversations need to be visible tick the checkbox near the flag icon.
    It is possible to flag important conversations by clicking on the flag icon

  • To add other users to the conversation click on the members icon, the current members are visible when hovering over the icon

  • To view the document in PDF format click on the document icon next to the member icon, the PDF will be opened in a separate browser tab

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