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Release 20.06

Routty version 20.06 has been released on and contains the following improvements:

New Features

  • Security patch to prevent clickjacking

  • Updated our connection to hungarian e-invoicing network online szamla to remain compliant with the latest regulations

  • Improved interface to save and load custom filters in all Routty tables

  • Improved way of visualizing numbers, in accord with the ISO 31-0 specifications

  • Added a notification for fields that are saved or updated automatically

  • Improved logging for errors concerning the FTP connection

  • Improved performance in all ‘Documents’ screens


  • Incorrect status after rejecting in batch

  • Export of coding lines to csv did not work as expected

  • User was not removed completely after deleting

  • Hidden columns were incorrectly exported as well as visible columns during a manual export

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