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How to handle matching exceptions

When Routty matches an invoice line and an order/receipt line, and an exception occurs during that match (price exception type, quantity exception type…), the exception is logged and can be seen when clicking on a line in the matching modal.


  1. Navigate to the LINES tab in the matching screen (part of the Documents screens) and click on the ‘matching' button

  2. In order to see our matching exceptions, we’ll click open a line from the list (top list)

  3. In this list we can see 3 different statuses:

  • MATCHED The line was matched and doesn’t require any additional actions

  • RESOLVED All matching exceptions were resolved, this line now awaits the matching routine

  • NOT MATCHED A line containing (multiple) matching exceptions. These should get resolved or the data should get updated so that these matching exceptions do not occur anymore


There are 2 types of actions that we can perform on a line containing matching exceptions

  • Resolve the matching exception

  • Revert a resolved matching exception

When an action is performed on an exception, the status of the respective line updates.

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