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Smart channel

The smart channel service gives insight into what channels your business partners are currently using or what channel could improve the setup of your platform.

By collecting information from invoice in- and output systems at hundreds of other customers, the information from hundreds of thousands of companies is analyzed and the best possible e-invoicing scenarios are automatically presented to you.
If an alternative channel is in use by a business partner with a lower cost it will be made visible here.

The smart channel gives an overview of potential setups that could improve your company.
The smart channel service does this for:

  • Existing partners and how their setup could be improved

  • For partners that could be used for onboarding in your e-invoicing strategy

  1. Set and use custom filters

  2. The current channel for the combination of company and partner.
    An overview is given of the partners in your system that can have an improved setup

  3. When clicking on a partner, a better channel option is made visible for the specific client

    • If more than one improved channel is found, the optimal channel is highlighted

    • What is the basis of a more optimal channel/format combination?

      • E-invoice (XML or EDI) is preferred above PDF and PDF above paper

      • Commonly used formats (such as the UBL XML format) are preferred above less common XML or EDI formats

      • A channel without transaction costs for the receiver of the invoice is preferred above a channel with transaction costs

      • Channels without a cost per invoice are preferred above channels with a cost for each invoice

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