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Request a credit note

Routty provides the functionality to request a credit note if needed. An email will then be sent out to the provided email address(es) with the attached document requiring a credit note.


  1. Navigate to a document either in matching or accounting where a credit note is required

  2. Open the document to see its details in split screen

  3. Click on the button request credit note to see the following fields

    • EMAIL TO: Contact email address of the partner. (Multiple email addresses can be added)

    • EMAIL TEMPLATE: An email template can be selected to add an email body and subject

    • EMAIL SUBJECT: Is prefilled when selecting a template or can be filled in manually

    • EMAIL BODY: Is prefilled when selecting a template or can be filled in manually

    • COMMENT: Comment why request credit is needed

  4. Create a request

    • Enter one or multiple email addresses, press the enter button after each address to confirm your input

    • Default email templates can be selected if maintained in your system

    • Enter an email subject or adjust the email subject of the selected email template

    • Enter a comment (The comment is visible in the logs of the document after the request)

    • Click on Send

  5. Now an email is sent to all the Email to addresses with the document attached

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