New Features

  • Provided conversion from the standard AGM/EGM format towards UBL 2.1

  • Every new user will need to accept the privacy policy in Routty

  • Updated the user interface for the configuration tab

  • Users will be able to view audit trails and login attempts inside the platform

  • Improved the layout and search function of the archive

  • Allowed the user to send through documents even while the required attachments are not attached

  • Users can manage substitution inside Routty for document handling

  • Provided the possibility to use substitutions in Routty for users


  • Sometimes attachment was not handed over in UBL 2.1 format

  • Not all column data was displayed correctly in Edge browsers

  • Improved the email domain validation when editing existing users

  • Sometimes XML files were not opened correctly in a separate window

  • Documents with invalid dates were not displayed correctly