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Release 21.02

Routty version 21.02 has been released on and contains the following improvements:

New features

  • Suppliers can now be marked as blocked using the API

  • Assignment rules can now be used for the accounting and matching steps as well as for approval

  • Xml documents can now be ignored while picking up mails

  • Conversations can now be started from the monitoring screen

  • Rejected documents during capture are now synchronized in Routty

  • OAuth EWS connections now support delegated access

Improvements on existing features

  • Improved document creation interface

  • Improved performance when handling large volumes of suppliers

  • Context of a dropdown can now be switched using the ‘tab’ key

  • The online szamla connector has been updated to support version 3


  • In certain scenarios, mails were moved to the processed folder without actually being processed

  • Documents marked as cancelled were incorrectly processed after capturing them after cancellation

  • Mimetype for attachments was not determined correctly for certain EWS mails

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