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Release 20.10

Routty version 20.10 has been released on and contains the following improvements:


  • Mails can now be picked up from the same inbox and will automatically be routed to the correct endpoint (capture for a pdf and Routty for a xml)

  • Automation rules can now be configured to achieve a larger degree of automation while processing documents

  • Article masterdata is now supported

  • The sales order framework has been added to process sales orders in Routty


  • Additional information is displayed in the monitoring after picking up a document from a mailbox

  • The screen structure has been changed to improve the user experience

  • supplier settings are now deprecated and moved to the workflow settings

  • Errors during mail pickup are now added as attachment to the mail in the error folder


  • In some edge cases restarting a document caused routty to freeze

  • Some filters caused tables to change screen position

  • Filtering using special characters gave wrong results

  • An error during pickup of a document sometimes blocked all following documents from processing

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