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Release 20.08

Routty version 20.08 has been released on and contains the following improvements:

New Features

  • Improved manual matching interface: the open amount is shown, matching exceptions are removed after automatically matching and new warnings have been implemented.

  • Advanced monitoring screen for admins has been added. This screen allows an admin to apply detailed filters on specific channels and use batch actions to resend, cancel and pause multiple documents at the same time.

  • Access rights: a graphical interface allowing administrators to setup rule-based access for users and groups on document level. Based on an extensive list of document properties.

  • The xml output after the accounting flow is now also being archived.

  • Auto increment when adding new lines, containing an id.


  • Improved the way large datasets are loaded in to reduce impact on the client browser

  • Improved the way some database queries are structured for significant performance improvements

  • Improved loading of datasources to improve performance of the interface for customers with large datasets


  • Audit when rejecting displayed a wrong message

  • Newly added users were only displayed in the web interface after refreshing

  • Overflow of the description in the line pairing screen

  • A credit note could be requested on a document of the type credit note

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