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Manually pair your invoice lines to order lines

If the system was not able to find a matching order line for each invoice line automatically, a user will be able to pair these lines manually.

The behavior of the flow will need to be adjusted in such a way that matching is required. This can be done in the Workflow settings


  1. Navigate towards the Matching screen

  2. Open a document

  3. Open the lines tab

  4. Clicking on the MATCHING button

  5. The interface below opens

  6. Pair the lines

  7. Close the interface when ready, all changes are saved automatically

  1. On the top, the invoice lines for this document are displayed, with a status informing whether or not they were already matched to an order line. When you click on the line, the matched order line is displayed.

  2. Possible order lines are displayed on the bottom, drag the lines to the correct invoice line in order to manually pair these lines.

  3. This button will insert a new invoice line for all lines on the reference order

  4. Unpair all lines, so you can manually pair them again

  5. Overwrite all invoice line information when pairing an order for this document

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