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Release 20.07

Version 20.07 of routty has been released on and contains the following improvements.

New Features

  • Replaced the old ‘approval matrix’ by the new ‘assignment rules’. This new feature allows the user to implement a set of rules in order to direct his business processes to the correct assignee. Based on the content of a document, it is now possible to assign this document to any user or group in any stage of the workflow.

  • Improved performance and interface for the archive screen

  • Added the possibility to select previously used coding lines as templates for new documents

  • Multiple approvers are now possible for one document, e.g. a different approver for each coding line with a different cost center

  • Added an interface to create sales orders directly from routty


  • Text overflow in the new error notifications

  • Save icon was shown excessively on creating a new line

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