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Customer portal

When Routty is set up including the Customer Portal, this page is needed to manage the Customer Portal users, their access rights, roles and configure routty portal contact persons. The page is divided in 4 subpages:

  • ACCOUNTS: Here you can manage all the users using the customer portal and handling user account requests

  • ROLES: Here you can configure roles for the customer portal

  • ACCESS RIGHTS: Here you can configure the access rights for the customer portal users

  • CONTACTS: Here you can configure which Routty portal users the customers can communicate with


Here you can manage the users and user request of the customer portal.

  1. Creating a user works the same way as creating a user for the Routty portal, only now we have to select which partner (customer) we are creating one for.

    • NAME Name of the customer user

    • USERNAME Username where the customer can login with

    • EMAIL Email address where the customer user will receive his notification

    • PARTNER Select the company (customer) of the created user

    • ROLE Select a customer role

  2. View where all the customer portal users are displayed

    • Routty portal user with admin rights on this page are able to:

      • Edit customer portal user data

      • Reset a password

      • Delete a customer portal user

  3. In the request view, all the requested accounts are displayed

  4. When clicking on a request, the data will be filled in automatically (in the create user section (1)).

  5. Clicking on the delete button will remove the request from the list


Here you can manage the roles of the customer portal, creating a role and changing the permissions works the same way as for the Routty portal.

Access rights

After creating a user, an access right is automatically created, in this tab you can see which user is linked to which partner (customer).

In case you selected a wrong partner when creating a user, you can click on the access right of this user and still change the partner

  • Clicking on a partner in the AVAILABLE PARTNERS section will link the user to this partner

  • Clicking on a partner in the ASSIGNED PARTNERS will remove the link


Here you can configure which Routty portal users the customer portal users can communicate with.

  1. You have 3 possible options to select

    • No communication between Customer portal and Routty portal

    • Customer portal users are able to start conversations with the individual users of the selected group

    • Customer portal users are only able to start conversations with the whole group that is selected

  2. Select a group

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